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Clifford Marshall Van Buren: Cliff's Media Links

Apple iTunes (Cliffs Artist Page with web browser or iTunes software)

iTunes link

Apple iTunes web page or software can be used when link is opened - your choice! - The CD covers display section is SOOO good looking in your personal iTunes display! (Cliffs MP3 and CD Page) link's mp3/CD location for Cliff. If you wish to see Cliffs Artist page, the link is on the Amazon page as well.

CD Baby Music Store (Cliffs Artist Page)

CD Baby link

Great selection of indie music!

Cliffs Facebook Musician Page

Facebook for Clifford Marshall Van Buren Musician

Cliff has a Musician Page on Facebook

If you enjoy his music and enjoy his story please give "Clifford Marshall Van Buren Musician" facebook page a "Like"

Thanks for your support!

Cliff and Double Bass Drum Music Links

Cliff on YouTube at Double Bass Drum Music's Channel

Double Bass Drum Music's Video Channel on YouTube. See Videos of Clifford Marshall Van Buren and others.

Double Bass Drum Music's web site

Double Bass Drum Music's web site for Artist roster and Music Library for Media producers.

Worlds Fastest Drummer

Worlds Fastest Drummer Site link

Worlds Fastest Drummer site or "WFD" as it is called, is a great site to learn about speed record attempts for drummers. Also if you want to be a World Speed Record Holder someday, its a place to get your very own Drumometer and test yourself!

Dales Drum Shop

Dales Drum Shop Link

One of the best drum shops in the world!!!  My Favorite.

(how come there is NOT a "Best keyboard shop" in the world??)