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Clifford Marshall Van Buren: Photos

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Front cover created by CMVB
Cliffs favorite keyboard - The Peavey DPM C8
Double Bass Drum Music (BMI)
Solar Oasis front cover, painting by N. Van Buren
Cliffs picture for the Solar Oasis project
The Moons of Neptune cover, painting by R. Van Buren
Cliffs Moons of Neptune photo
Discantus front cover, painting by N. Van Buren (this is the second cover made, the first cover Cliff looked too creepy, so it was repainted)
Cliffs Discantus photo shoot
Cliff and the band "Take Two"
Cliff playing drums for the band "Left Field" a few months after breaking the World Record
First Guinness book Cliff was in
Clifford Marshall Van Buren's Dual Deep Mirrored Bass Chapman Stick (custom tuning)
2012 Merry Stickmas
Cliff's drum head (that he used for the 720 hour Guinness Drumming World Record) signed by some Great musicians. Roy Burns signed it twice 34 years apart (hard to see his writing on the top of the head)
Drummers can play this instrument, all you need to do is TAP YOUR FINGERS!