Musicians and Timing

Over the years I have been in many bands and the number one issue that makes playing in a band difficult, for other members, is poor timing. I must admit that in my early years I had a tough time…


full free album mp3 download - if you are fast.

Double Bass Drum Music has 10 full FREE album downloads of my new Alternative Album "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" - First 10 people that sign up to my mailing list > on my web site gets the download.

Limited to…


Do you know your Music Genres Well?

If you know your musical genres real well, could you help me out?

I have to answer the two questions below for my distributors.

Can you go to my website and listen to the last song in the list. It…


The Freddie Long Band award from Frederick Magazine

Hello Music Fans

There was a guest singer on my "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" Alternative album. His name is Freddie Long; he just received a great award from Frederick Magazine.

Here are his own words after getting such great recognition: "Huge…


Artwork and Guest Singer on my Vocal Eyes project

Hello Music Fans


The front cover picture (demo proof only) of my Vocal Eyes project can be seen on my Facebook Musician page if you wish (the link to the facebook page is on There are still a few…


Words to Cliff's new project

The full set of words to Cliff's entire project will be placed on for free after project mastering is complete. Since Cliff's musical project has a Techno feel and sounds like Radiohead and Talking Heads music, the CD will…


My new music sounds like???

A while ago I told everyone that my 4th music project was almost finished, and that I was replacing some of my digital synth work with some analog synths – WELL, I started updating my songs so much that I…


World Record Drummers Story update

Hello drummers and music lovers worldwide.


Just the other day I had the privilege of interviewing Trevor Mitchell of UK for my upcoming story about the people who broke drumming World Records.


Trevor has quite a story to tell, He…


How to become a better drummer

There are many ways to become a better drummer, more practice, lessons, attend drum clinics etc.


My focus today is on becoming a better drummer by “helping others” to become better drummers.


What? "Waste my time by teaching a beginner…


Where is the creativity in today’s musician?

I saw a video recently of Dennis Chambers being interviewed by iDrum Magazine. He was talking about musicians of the past, just jamming, looking at each other for cues. One musician would lead and the others would follow that lead…


Which is best? Big drum set? Or Small drum set?

Which is best? Big drum set? Or Small drum set? This question (and arguments about it) have shown up many times on the drum forums. I would like to give my perspective on this issue.


If you are just beginning…