Streaming Music Radio

I find Streaming Music Radio to be a fascinating idea. Sites like, Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster etc. have radio services that actually help musicians and artists get paid. After I converted my OLD catalog of music to digital downloads with…


Music on servers world wide

I am somewhat amazed when I google my full name with quotes around it like  "Clifford Marshall Van Buren" and look to see where my songs have gone lately (mostly legal sites, but some illegal sites too!).


The songs are…


Digital vs Analog synths

I must admit - While mixing my 4th CD I noticed that some of the synth sounds were brittle sounding on certain systems. So in comparison I fired up some of my old analog synths and picked some similar patches…


4th CD project update

Status:  12 songs are in the Mixing stage - Computers are SO powerful to mix music, 1,000 ways to create and 2,000 ways to destroy your work! 



Videos to start soon

Cliff will soon release videos of his drumming and the way he approaches writing and creating music. At present he is still completing his latest CD project while working on the videos.