Welcome to the Official  Clifford Marshall Van Buren web site. Double Bass Drum Music (BMI) is glad you are here! Cliffs message "Don't let anyone stop you from following your dream!, if they try, use that to prove them wrong!"

NEW Release is now available!! CMVB's first Alternative music project "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" has a character of "Radiohead meets Talking Heads" mixed with "Deadmau5 meets Tangerine Dream". Vocal Eyes Vocalize contains dualistic lyrics with multiple meanings, unique vocal percussion, expansive soundscapes, soaring leads, dense complex bass rhythms supported by a foundation of techno and acoustic percussion. Check out "Cliff's Media Links" to find further CD and Video information.

Go to "World Record and Bio" to see in the Guinness Book of World Records where he broke the record for Endurance Drumming and brought it to 720 Hours! and read a summary of his musical career.

Cliff added a second drumming world record in July 2011. In front of The Worlds Fastest Drummer stage at the 2011 Nashville NAMM show, Cliff played 6,300 single stroke beats in 10 minutes hanging upside down! You can see the upside down drumming video and interviews on YouTube > follow the link to "Double Bass Drum Music's Video Channel" from the "Cliff's Media Links" navigation bar.

Most likely you have listened to Cliff's music on TV. If you have ever watched the local forecast on The Weather Channel  in the 1990's you have heard many of his songs. You can now preview and purchase Cliffs songs on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby and many others. Follow the "Cliff's Media Links" section for the links to above web pages. Please check out the Music Previews section for a preview of present and past releases.