Vocal Eyes Vocalize Alternative Project Complete 

CMVB's first Alternative project of 2012 has a character of "Radiohead meets Talking Heads" mixed with "Deadmau5 meets Tangerine Dream". "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" contains dualistic lyrics with multiple meanings, unique vocal percussion, expansive soundscapes, soaring leads, dense complex bass rhythms supported by a foundation of techno and acoustic percussion. The full words to all songs of "Vocal Eyes Vocalize" will be free on Cliffords website.

Vocal Eyes Alternative Techno CD project Cover Concept 

I have placed a sketch for my new Alternative Techno project on my Musician Facebook Page (don't worry if you do not belong to Facebook - you should still be able to google me using "Clifford Marshall Van Buren Musician Facebook" and see it), OR just hit the Facebook banner on my main page and go to my WALL.

 I was going to have my Father paint this face for me (in the same style he painted "The Moons of Neptune" CD cover. Take a look at that painting if you can, he did a fantastic job on that one. My…

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CD project News Update 

Cliffs NEW CD project will break the mold! This project will be full of Drums, Bass, Synths and Vocals. This new project will get your feet moving and motivate your mind!

Listeners have told us Cliff's new music sounds like "Radiohead meets Talking Heads" with a "splash of Tekno Alternative".... Stay tuned!

The full set of words to the entire project will be placed on www.cliffordmarshallvanburen.com for free after project mastering is complete.


Cliff's 2nd Drumming World Record 

On July 23rd in Nashville, TN. at the Summer NAMM convention I set a new Drumming World record of 6,300 single stroke beats in 10 minutes hanging upside down from my ankles at the Worlds Fastest Drummer Stage.

Cliff is on Facebook 

Cliff has a new Musician Page on facebook - if you use facebook and enjoy his music or story search for "Clifford Marshall Van Buren Musician" and give him a "Like"

Thanks for your support!


(Discantus) "Van Buren's first release, judging by the quality of the works represented here, he is off to a good solid start."

(Moon's) "Van Buren's music is full of surging rhythms and rich melodies. His delightful blend of electronic and acoustic instruments is both refreshing and unique. A copy of this CD should definitely be on your "buy" list.

Music Accomplishments: 

Audio Visual Accomplishments

  • Bronze ADDY award – music – FOX TV
  • Produced and performed soundtracks for TV specials
  • Produced and performed AAA Baseball Team Theme music
  • NASA – ISS - Space Station Animation music – song “Final Approach”
  • Produced and performed numerous broadcast music spots for television commercials

Music Accomplishments

  • First CD – Discantus – Electronica Style
  • Second CD – The Moons of Neptune – Electronica Style
  • Third CD – Solar Oasis - Electronica Style
  • Fourth CD –…
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