Vocal Eyes Alternative Techno CD project Cover Concept

I have placed a sketch for my new Alternative Techno project on my Musician Facebook Page (don't worry if you do not belong to Facebook - you should still be able to google me using "Clifford Marshall Van Buren Musician Facebook" and see it), OR just hit the Facebook banner on my main page and go to my WALL.

 I was going to have my Father paint this face for me (in the same style he painted "The Moons of Neptune" CD cover. Take a look at that painting if you can, he did a fantastic job on that one. My father used a fractured style of painting that I loved and wanted to use again. He was unable to paint for me - SO - I did it myself. My family is full of Artists; I was the only one who could not paint (I was the only Musician though!). I will Post the final CD cover picture in a day or two - so you can compare! (psst - it comes out OK!)