I was just interviewed by a radio show

Hey Drummers and Fans!

I was just interviewed by a radio show for drummers called Stix-n-Skinz.

We talked about my 2 drumming work records and other items.

My interview on May 20th is the one after John Oszajca’s interview…


A Thousand Dreams song

I hope you had a great "Happy New Year"


My first Chapman Stick Demo song "A Thousand Dreams" was put on CMVB site today.


I have had a LOT of dreams in the last few days - SO - a…


My New Instrument - The Chapman Stick

If you remember my last Blog, I fell off the “Music Writing” bandwagon. I knew inside that something would spark my writing again and I found it. The Spark in my writing is a relatively new instrument called the Chapman…


Have you ever lost your way?

As some of you know I am a very headstrong person, if I get an idea in my head, I do not give up until I get to my goal. Years ago when I had the desire to break a…


3rd music video is now on Youtube

Official music video for “Final Approach” by Clifford Marshall Van Buren.

This song is from “The Moons of Neptune” CD.

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, Alabama used this song for the ISS BCSS video "Working at the Edge".



2nd Music Video now on YouTube

 Hello Music Lovers (and electricity users!!)


The official "Tricity" music video is now on YouTube. This song has a modern jazz fusion electro alternative rock sound with a comical "Love for electricity" theme.


This is my 2nd music video off…


Chapman Stick and Progressive Rock

Hey Progressive Rock fans, some of you know I am working on a Progressive Rock/Alternative CD right now AND I am getting a Chapman Stick soon. I have a new friend of mine named Abby and she has a really…


Music Video for "Say One Thing - Do Another"

This week I am working on a Music Video for "Say One Thing - Do Another" from my Vocal Eyes Vocalize CD.

The video is taking the cover picture for "Vocal Eyes" and making it talk and move like "Max…


Looking for a Video Producer

Do you know any good Video Producers out there? I am doing a series of music videos and could use a video producer with a WILD imagination. If this person can do 3D animation work also – That is a…


Drummers, Percussionists and Free Goodies

Dear Music Lover, Drummer, Fan, Good Buddy


I grew up reading many drum books in my life and my all time favorite book was “Soul On Bass” by Joel Rothman. While this book is no longer available, Joel does have…