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I grew up reading many drum books in my life and my all time favorite book was “Soul On Bass” by Joel Rothman. While this book is no longer available, Joel does have well over 70 percussion books still in publication. In my opinion Joel’s percussion books are so easy to read, “I recommend them to teach students of any age”. I personally use his books in every drum class I teach.


If you are a drummer >> Please check out Joel Rothman’s NEW website www.joelrothman.com Joel’s books can be purchased at a substantial discount on this site if you desire.


If you are percussion teacher >> and not already on Joel's Special TEACHERS MAILING LIST, and would like to be included, simply email: joelrothman@btconnect.com   (use TEACHERS MAILING LIST in subject field)


AND >> if you sign up >> tell Joel that “Clifford Marshall Van Buren” sent you!! >> For a limited time >> Percussion teachers that sign up for Joel’s email list will get some great rewards (you must answer a few questions about your teaching and your style).


Joel will also be opening a special page on his website listing drum teachers and their websites. If you would like to be included, simply tell Joel your name and website information. (He’s a great guy – Give Joel a Try)


 If you are not a drummer or percussionist – but know one – pass on this message to them if you can.



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