“Drumming for 30 days! That’s not possible!”

“Drumming for 30 days! That’s not possible!”


I hear the statement above a lot (and the responses always amaze me) when people hear about my Guinness Book of World Records Endurance Drumming record of 720 hours. The responses usually fall into 2 categories:


1)     That’s great, how in the world did you do something like that!

2)     That’s NOT possible, no human can last that long!


While gathering data (for an upcoming publication) on all the people that held Endurance Drumming records, I now have a clearer picture of many of the record holding drummers mindset. These musicians, who have taken the challenge of breaking a worlds record, not only prove that “it is possible” some of them even went out and broke the records twice!


I know what happened within my own mind to take on such a challenge and I am sure each person that broke the record had their own reasons too. In the coming months I will get answers to common questions from all of them while showing the common threads of these high achieving record breakers.


Are you the type of person in group #2 above that automatically sets limits on what they see and limits on what they do?


Or are you a person that falls into the group #1 above where your mind sees achievement and then tries to find out all the details – so you can improve!


Where do you set the bar? Do you set goals? Do you push yourself? Do you take on a tough challenge buy doing your homework first and then trying to remove some of the risks?


Your never too old to get stronger, it’s never too late to learn more, it’s never too late to push for more, it’s never too late to improve yourself. That is what’s Possible!



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