My new music sounds like???

A while ago I told everyone that my 4th music project was almost finished, and that I was replacing some of my digital synth work with some analog synths – WELL, I started updating my songs so much that I kept rasing the bar on what I was producing. While most bands probobly have “deadlines to meet” with their projects, I do not. I wanted the music to be the best I have ever done. It is a goal of mine for each song to be a “TEN out of TEN”. That takes time and lots of work. Since my new vocal CD will touch a few styles of music, trying to find the Genre that is a good fit is a difficult task. The distributors will be asking me which Genre to place it in? In order to answer this question, I ask people that come in contact with my music "What bands do I sound like"? The answers do not come easy. A recent answer that caught my interest was “Your music sounds like Radiohead meets Talking Heads" with a splash of Tekno Alternative. Sometimes a change in Genre is good!

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