The importance of lessons and Asking for Help!

How many of us want to get better at the things we love to do but fail to actually reach out and ask for help?


I have always challenged myself to find the next level up. For many years drums and lessons have been a part of my life but I wanted more from them. That prompted me to set my sights on getting in the Guinness Book of World Records for drums. Did that involve training and help from others? Absolutely.


After that accomplishment, I had always wanted to become proficient on keyboards. This was my next challenge, add some great lessons on piano and fast forward a few years, I have produced music for broadcast, published 3 keyboard based CD’s and am currently working on my 4th. OK – I am still searching for the next level up – and its vocals. My strongest area for singing is in the low range, but singing well in the upper range eluded me.


Enter the Teacher!! What a difference in my vocal abilities after seeking help from a vocal trainer. My voice can now reach powerful high notes. This success is ALL due to admitting a flaw, seeking help, then getting lessons.


Do you have goals? Do you want to improve? Seek out a professional who can assist you to overcome your roadblocks to success. Then you will reach YOUR next level up!

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