Have you ever lost your way?

As some of you know I am a very headstrong person, if I get an idea in my head, I do not give up until I get to my goal. Years ago when I had the desire to break a Guinness World Record. A switch flipped in my head and I never gave up until it was done.


After I spent well over a year working on “Vocal Eyes Vocalize” CD I headed right into writing and recording my 5th CD. After spending months of writing and recording, I just stopped. Not just “put it down for a few weeks”, I just completely stopped everything. No writing, No recording, NOTHING. This has never happened to me before.


Did I beat myself up? No. Did this upset me? No. I felt like something in me said my music writing was going to change and dropping everything was a GOOD thing. It’s been many months since I stopped. Writing and recording would come back to me, I just have to wait and let events fall into place, whatever they may be.


I believe acceptance is the first step to recover what you lost. So – If you every loose your way, accept it with grace, it’s a much easier life if you do.