How to become a better drummer

There are many ways to become a better drummer, more practice, lessons, attend drum clinics etc.


My focus today is on becoming a better drummer by “helping others” to become better drummers.


What? "Waste my time by teaching a beginner or some other drummer?"


Yes, that is what I am saying. In many cases you will not find huge financial reward in teaching but that’s not the point. What you get in return is a wealth of knowledge on how to help others improve, which in essence will unlock your mind to a world of improvement in your playing.


I approach my students like a doctor with a patient who comes in with a problem. I listen carefully to what they say. I watch carefully for impediments to progress. Then I provide each student with his or her own prescription for improvement. Some might need timing work, others might need physical work, and a few might need mind numbing coordination training exercises. What I provide from an outside perspective to a student is keen observation and skillful problem resolution. From this teaching experience I observe my drumming from an outsiders view. It is easy to identify a problem and come up with a creative way to correct or improve my playing.


If teaching is not for you, you can still use the “The mindset of a Teacher” for yourself provided you have a video camera. Create a new perspective with the camera. Use it to recreate "the person on the outside” by looking in at your drumming. Be critical of yourself! Be inventive! Come up with solutions that will put your playing above the rest!

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